The virtual reality experience in London

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Virtual reality is the term given to technology used for either entertainment or educational purposes. Virtual reality is able to generate sounds, images and other sensations in order for an individual to experience an entertaining artificial environment whilst being able to look, move and interact with the virtual features.

What to expect during a virtual reality experience

Have you ever tried a virtual reality experience before? If you decide to partake in a virtual reality experience, there are many top rated venues in London which allow you to have a complete gaming encounter with the inclusion of a bar for you and your friends or family to have a drink. There is also the popular option to engage in table games along with your virtual reality experience.

Within your virtual reality experience, the venue will give you the option to choose what world you would like to game in. Each gaming experience lasts 60 minutes and within each experience there is a demo included. This means that you will have a chance before your game to have a taste of virtual reality and become familiar with the gaming concept. By giving yourself and your team a chance to become acquainted with the virtual reality experience, it will ensure that you will have the best gaming adventure.

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Along with the standard 60 minute gaming experience for you and your chosen team, you can also organise a virtual reality experience as part of a birthday celebration or a team bonding activity; where up to 20 people can participate. There is unlimited access to the demo area which means that you can familiarise yourself as much as you want before starting your game. If you have not experienced virtual reality before, the demo will give you a fascinating three options to experience, which are ‘Visual’, ‘Game’ and ‘Thrill’.

In addition, as part of the group experience, something else you can do whilst your friends and/or colleagues are participating is you can enjoy some of your favourite drinks in the lounge. The lounges come equipped with a viewing area which means that upcoming participants can watch (and offer critique) to others while waiting for either friends and/or colleagues to complete their mission.

If you would like to participate in other games whilst waiting, there is the opportunity to play table games such as a football table, pool and also a quiz machine to keep people occupied and having fun.

Naturally, no birthday party or team bonding experience is complete without food and drink and at these venues in London there is also an option to include a food or drink package for the group in order to have an unforgettable experience.

So how much does the experience in London cost?

In order for as many people to enjoy the experience as possible, dynamic pricing is available for prospective games. You can, of course, book more slots as part of your gaming experience, and each slot can accommodate a total number of 5 people.

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