Dental implants and same-day teeth

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While the concept of same-day teeth may seem too good to be true, many patients stand to benefit from this innovative treatment; this All-On-Four is a brilliant solution to securing a full set of flawless teeth and is giving new hope to those who may still be struggling with a set of ill-fitting and unreliable dentures. With dental implants in Melbourne, patients will step out of surgery after only a few hours with a set of secure and beautiful teeth because dentists understand the importance patients place on their image and would never send anyone home with an embarrassing gap that could chip away at their confidence.

Dental implants work

For decades, modern dental implant technology has been researched and perfected and while it was certainly experimented with in ancient times, the methods have changed even though the concept remains much the same. With a more thorough understanding of human anatomy and the developments of new techniques and material, dentists are now able to give patients a secure set of teeth in a day.

Surgery is required to implant Titanium posts of screws into the jaw bone, the reason for this choice of metal is that it is seldom rejected by the human body, in fact, it has been found that human bone fuses incredibly well to this alloy which is why it is a premium choice in dentistry. When a whole tooth or multiple teeth are removed from the jaw bone, the bone begins to waste away due to the fact it has nothing left to cling to, but this bone can be encouraged to grow back once the titanium screw is inserted as it gives much-needed structure as before. The healing process is usually around 6 months and nothing can be permanently attached to the implant during this time as it is not yet secure enough to support a set of false teeth, therefore, a temporary set of dentures will be provided to the patient while they await their body’s natural healing to take place.

Why is All-On-Four so revolutionary?

dental implants

There is no need to place an implant per missing tooth as that kind of surgery would cause patients a great deal of discomfort and through research and development it was found to be an unnecessary waste. It was discovered that only 4 implants (two at the top and two at the bottom) are enough to support all the teeth in the mouth as well as to support proper bone regeneration.


Dentists can ensure that the aesthetics of the patient’s smile are of the best quality as the dentures which are secured to the dental implants look and act exactly like real teeth, therefore patients can go back to eating whatever they like without the concerns they may have with loose dentures and they can feel confident to smile and laugh jovially without worrying that their teeth will fall out. By being able to once again consume whole nutritious foods, patients may see an overall improvement on their health due to better nutrition.

Disclaimer: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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